Become an Owner

Employers can become a member of the MediCaptive group to develop and implement a self-funded health insurance plan and achieve significant annual savings in health insurance costs.

Based on recommendations from our benefits consultants, our preferred provider, Swiss Re, will underwrite a medical stop-loss policy for each employer in the MediCaptive group.

The MediCaptive group will assume $250,000 of specific and aggregate employer risk above the individual employee stop-loss, allowing members to start saving on insurance costs.

How group health care captives save employers money

Fully-insured vs. self-funded plans:

Put simply, a self-funded employer plan through  MediCaptive allows professional services employers to enjoy the rewards of well-managed claims. With fully-insured plans, employers pay their premiums and receive none of the potential rewards, and they pay the 12-15% annual premium increases.

Knee Replacement PPO Price Bundled Price Saving
Allowed Cost $40,000 $20,000 $20,000
Deductible $25,000 $0 $25,000
Co-Insurance 80% 0%
OOP Max $6,350 $0 $6,350
Plan Cost $33,650 $20,000 $13,650

Member Incentive

  • Members will reach out to the advocacy team to help them navigate the best facility/physician based on cost, quality, and location.
  • The member is incentivized through zero-dollar cost share.
  • Bundled price includes: Physician, Facility, Anesthesia, Pre-Op, and Post-Op.